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Delyth mentioned how timely this debate is, and we have a bit of breaking news here ourselves, Delyth: the Welsh Conservatives are now completing their journey to emulate Trumpian politic...

Plenary | 20/09/2023

Of course, he mentions Cardiff; there's more to Wales than just Cardiff, and I recall a Welsh Government publication highlighting low wages in Cardiff as a reason to invest in Cardiff. N...

Plenary | 20/09/2023

that we are facing large numbers of young people leaving Wales or ditching ambitions altogether. We know, for example, that both the Australian and New Zealand Governments are targeting a...

Plenary | 20/09/2023

I think it's fair to say that 2023 has been a fairly tough one in terms of news for the economy Minister. We had the announcement at Tata Friday, roughly 3,000 jobs potentially at risk; 2...

Plenary | 20/09/2023

Navigating Wales's Brain Drain: Challenges and Solutions

For debate on 20/09/2023

Has the Welsh Government made any assessment of the impact that the delay in rejoining Horizon Europe has had on the Welsh higher education sector?

Tabled on 20/09/2023