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Luke Fletcher MS

Luke Fletcher MS

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South Wales West

My Senedd Activities

Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on the issues highlighted at HM Prison Parc?

Tabled on 15/05/2024

What legal advice has the Counsel General provided to the Welsh Government on the devolution of the justice system?

Tabled on 14/05/2024

Will the First Minister provide an update on the outcomes of his meeting with Tata in Mumbai?

Tabled on 09/05/2024

Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement in response to the recent news of the deaths of two HMP Parc prisoners?

Tabled on 08/05/2024

To propose that the Senedd: 1. Notes that:a) Tata has confirmed that it will close both of its blast furnaces in Port Talbot by the end of this year;b) the closure of the blast furnaces...

For debate on 08/05/2024

Will the Cabinet Secretary provide a list of which Welsh businesses supported by the Welsh Government went to Qatar as part of the Welsh delegation to the football world cup?

Tabled on 01/05/2024