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Luke Fletcher MS

Luke Fletcher MS

Senedd Regional Member

Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru Group

South Wales West

My Senedd Activities

Will the Cabinet Secretary respond to comments from the Auditor General in relation to TVR?

Tabled on 17/07/2024

How will the Welsh Government ensure that people with lived experience of dementia will be involved in evaluating the success of the proposed national care and support service?

Tabled on 11/07/2024

Confronting the crisis: tackling youth homelessness in Wales

For debate on 10/07/2024

What discussions has the Cabinet Secretary had with the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care regarding additional funding for community health organisations?

Tabled on 10/07/2024

Will the Cabinet Secretary provide an update on how the Welsh Government is working with the new UK Government in relation to Tata steel in Port Talbot?

Tabled on 10/07/2024

What is the Welsh Government doing to boost workforce productivity?

Tabled on 04/07/2024