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Luke Fletcher MS

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Leeanne's campaign was actually one of the first campaigns to get in touch with me as a newly-elected Member; when I literally just scrolled back through Messenger, it was actually David...

Plenary | 07/12/2022

How does the Minister intend to support Welsh research and development in light of ongoing uncertainties with Horizon Europe?

Tabled on 07/12/2022

Diolch, Prif Weinidog. The First Minister will be aware of the most recent spate of bank closure to hit Wales after HSBC announced last week that they'd be closing 12 branches from next A...

Plenary | 06/12/2022

Diolch, Gadeirydd. I can see that the Minister has clarified that there'll be now work undertaken by Government around improving access to fracture liaison services. I can also see that t...

Petitions Committee | 05/12/2022

Diolch, Cadeirydd. In terms of what Rhys has laid out with the rentig homes Act, I think it's actually an issue within the tenant sector anyway in terms of tenants knowing their rights wh...

Petitions Committee | 05/12/2022

Diolch, Gadeirydd. I think the difficulty with this one—. I fully support the idea, but I think the difficulty is, though, in terms of the powers to designate national holidays; that stil...

Petitions Committee | 05/12/2022