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Luke Fletcher MS

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To propose that the Senedd: 1. Notes: a) the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people living with and affected by dementia in Wales; b) the importance of unpaid carers in...

For debate on 16/09/2021

—of yourself. Utterly ashamed of yourself. [Interruption.] Utterly, utterly ashamed of yourself. You have no purchase in this argument whatsoever. So, what needs to happen? Well we've ou...

Plenary | 15/09/2021

Diolch, Dirprwy Lywydd, and I'd like to thank Members and the Minister, of course, for a reply and the contributions to today's debate. I might not have agreed with them all, but thank yo...

Plenary | 15/09/2021

are inundated with reports of ear-cropped dogs, and have concerns around current resources to investigate complaints, especially when also linked with unlicensed breeding. For example, it...

Plenary | 15/09/2021

It's encouraging to know that there is movement in ending the abhorrent practice of ear cropping dogs. Ear cropping is linked to unlicensed breeders, especially of American bully type dog...

Plenary | 15/09/2021

I'd like to ask the Trefnydd for a statement to update Members on the support the Welsh Government is giving to the Rhondda Tunnel Society and other similar projects. Like many Members he...

Plenary | 14/09/2021