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Caroline Jones MS

Caroline Jones MS

South Wales West

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What action is the Welsh Government taking to respond to the mental health needs of young people?

Tabled on 17/03/2021

What steps is the Welsh Government taking to monitor new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus?

Tabled on 17/03/2021

What action is the Welsh Government taking to combat the rise in dog thefts in Wales?

Tabled on 11/03/2021

Improving mental health, post pandemic.

For debate on 10/03/2021

Delete all after point 2 and replace with: Regrets the fact that more than 23,000 UK-domiciled applicants failed to gain nurse training places last year and that, since 2010, more than 5...

For debate on 05/03/2021

What plans does the Welsh Government have to improve cancer diagnostics in light of the coronavirus pandemic?

Tabled on 25/02/2021

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Caroline Jones was a Member of the National Assembly for Wales between May 2016 and April 2021. This was her biography at the time she left.

Key interests and achievements

Caroline suffered from breast cancer in 2007 and has become a ‘buddy’ for cancer sufferers. She continues to fund raise and undertake voluntary work for cancer charities and actively supports a number of animal welfare charities.

Personal history

Caroline was born in south Wales, the daughter of a former Serviceman and granddaughter of a miner. She was educated locally, attending college and university in the region.

Professional background

Caroline was a qualified teacher but left teaching to work in local government, before entering the Prison Service where she managed her own department. Upon leaving the Prison Service, Caroline set up two small businesses and is a local employer.

Political history

Caroline stood for UKIP in the European Election in 2014 and the General Election in 2015 before becoming the lead candidate for the party in the South Wales West Assembly region.

In September 2018, Caroline left UKIP and became an Independent Assembly Member.

Register of Interests

Register of Interests – Fifth Senedd (PDF, 3.25MB)

Terms of office

  1. 06/05/2016 - 28/04/2021


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