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James Evans MS

James Evans MS

Senedd Constituency Member

Welsh Conservative Party

Welsh Conservative Party Group

Brecon and Radnorshire

My Senedd Activities

What is the Welsh Government doing to educate young people on the dangers of social media?

Tabled on 28/10/2021

Will the Minister provide a list of stakeholders from Health Education and Improvement Wales and Social Care Wales that the Welsh Government will be consulting with on their workforce pl...

Tabled on 27/10/2021

Further to the Minister's comments in Plenary on 12 October 2021, what immediate steps are Health Education and Improvement Wales taking to fill staff vacancies within the mental health s...

Tabled on 26/10/2021

Will the Minister outline the timeframe for the delivery unit’s recommendations on crisis services along with the parameters of the exercise, as outlined in Plenary 12 October 2021?

Tabled on 26/10/2021

Will the Minister confirm whether the evaluation of Together for Mental Health will have engagement with mental health stakeholders and mental health services users, and, if so, will the...

Tabled on 26/10/2021

Diolch, Llywydd. I hope you'll be flexible with my minute. I'd like to thank Sam Kurtz for giving a minute of his timetoday but, more than that, I'd like to thank the whole of the YFC mov...

Plenary | 20/10/2021

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