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Laura Anne Jones MS

Laura Anne Jones MS

Senedd Regional Member

Welsh Conservative Party

Welsh Conservative Party Group

South Wales East

My Senedd Activities

Will the Minister update the Senedd on plans for transgender guidance in schools following the latest story in the Telegraph?

Tabled on 20/03/2024

Has the Welsh RAAC survey been undertaken by expert surveyors, and what training have they had to identify RAAC?

Tabled on 11/03/2024

What progress has the Welsh Government made towards improving education over the last six years?

Tabled on 07/03/2024

What recent discussions has the Government had with the agricultural sector regarding the proposed sustainable farming scheme?

Tabled on 21/02/2024

What figures does the Welsh Government hold on the number of asylum seekers settled in Wales since 2019?

Tabled on 15/02/2024

How does the Welsh Government work with British overseas territories?

Tabled on 15/02/2024