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Natasha Asghar MS

Natasha Asghar MS

Senedd Regional Member

Welsh Conservative Party

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South Wales East

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What action is the Minister taking to improve the provision of eye care in Wales?

Tabled on 24/01/2023

What discussions has the Minister had regarding the future of Swansea Airport with representatives of Swansea City Council in the last 12 months?

Tabled on 20/01/2023

What assessment has the Minister made of some local authorities' plans, including Newport City Council, to switch street lights off at night, especially in light of the Welsh Government's...

Tabled on 20/01/2023

Will the Minister advise how the provisions of the County Council of the City and County of Cardiff (Cardiff North Area) (Speed Restrictions) Order 2022 were made public, when and where w...

Tabled on 19/01/2023

What discussions has the Minister had with Cardiff Bus about plans to close Cardiff East park and ride?

Tabled on 19/01/2023

What discussions has the Minister had with Cardiff Council about plans to close Cardiff East park and ride?

Tabled on 19/01/2023

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Born in Newport, Natasha is the first woman of colour elected to the Senedd as the regional member for South East Wales. Hailing from a media background consisting of television, radio and print, she has worked as a Banker and in what was previously the National Assembly for Wales. Natasha has stood for a number of elections prior to the Senedd election of 2021. She stood for Newport East twice in general elections. She has also stood for Blaneau Gwent and Torfaen in previous Senedd elections, as well as a been a candidate for the European Parliament (when it actually existed!).

Since being elected Natasha has done numerous interviews for BBC, ITV, The South Wales Argus, The National, The Caerphilly Observer, the Welsh magazine Golwg and appeared on Sharp End. Natasha was the first Member of the Senedd to be interviewed by GB News and British Vogue named her ‘A force for change.’ She was also named by the BBC as one of world’s 100 most ‘influential and inspiring’ women alongside Malala Yousavzai, Melinda Gates and actress Ming-Na-wen.

Natasha has been named the Welsh Conservative’s Shadow Minister for Transport and technology and is working passionately to see the creation an all Wales travel card similar to the Oyster card in London. She hopes it will allow everyone in Wales, as well as tourists to travel on public transport all over Wales, with transparent and affordable fares on a better public transport network and hopes it will provide a well needed boost to the Welsh economy.

She has always been passionate about making a difference and strongly believes one should ‘not just talk the talk, but they should walk the walk too.’

Natasha holds a BA in Politics and Social Policy alongside a Masters in Contemporary British Policy and media from the University of London.

In her personal life Natasha enjoys travelling, spending time with her friends, cooking, watching films, horse riding, partaking in extreme sport and doing charity work.


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