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Siân Gwenllian MS

Siân Gwenllian MS

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Plaid Cymru

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What assessment has the Government made of a) how much of the mortgage payments of people in Arfon and throughout Wales stay within the economy in Wales; b) how much leaves the Welsh eco...

Tabled on 13/05/2024

What recent assessment has the Government made regarding how much of the pension contributions of Welsh workers will be paid into pension funds which keep the benefit in Wales and invest...

Tabled on 10/05/2024

Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement about the availability of the teachers' pension scheme's Welsh-medium services?

Tabled on 10/05/2024

How many dentists per health board area have retired or left the profession in each of the last five years and how many new dentists have replaced them?

Tabled on 10/05/2024

What actions is the Government's linguistic infrastructure unit taking to facilitate the introduction of a facility that would enable changing the language of all interfaces and software...

Tabled on 10/05/2024

What consideration has the Government given to the possibility of setting default Welsh-language information technology interfaces in Welsh-language workplaces in the public sector in Wal...

Tabled on 10/05/2024

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Key interests and achievements

Siân was elected to the National Assembly in 2016. She represents the Arfon constituency as a member of Plaid Cymru.  Siân was re-elected to the Welsh Parliament in 2021, doubling her majority with 63.3% of the vote - the highest percentage of any Member of the Welsh Parliament. Her interests outside politics include theatre, art, the Welsh music scene, football and rugby.

Personal history

Siân was educated at Ysgol Friars, Bangor and at Aberystwyth and Cardiff Universities. After losing her husband she brought up her 4 children on her own. She has been a passionate campaigner for women's equality and the Welsh language for over 45 years.

Professional background

Siân worked as a journalist with the BBC, HTV and Golwg. She also worked in public relations including as press officer for Gwynedd Council.

Political history

Siân was active with a number of community organizations, both as a school governor and as a community councillor. Between 2008 and 2016 she served as a councillor on Gwynedd Council, representing the village where she grew up, Y Felinheli. Between 2010 and 2012 she was responsible for the authority's finance portfolio and between 2012 and 2014 she was a member of the Cabinet for education, children and young people and Deputy Leader of the Council. In 2014 Siân was appointed as Gwynedd's small business champion, responsible for promoting this sector of the economy in the county. She was Chairman of the Arfon Constituency Committee for Plaid Cymru.


Terms of office

  1. 06/05/2016 - 28/04/2021
  2. 08/05/2021 -

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