Deputy Presiding Officer

The role of the Deputy Presiding Officer is set out in the Senedd’s Standing Orders.

David Rees MS has been elected Deputy Presiding Officer for the Senedd, as well as the Member of the Senedd for Aberavon.  

Standing Order 6.18 states that, "in the absence or at the request of the Presiding Officer, the Deputy must exercise the functions of the Presiding Officer, so far as permitted by the Act"

The main function of the Deputy Presiding Officer (DPO) is to alternate with the Presiding Officer in chairing Senedd Plenary sessions.The DPO's role is similar to that of a Deputy Speaker in the House of Commons.

Under Standing Order 6.19, the Presiding Officer and Deputy must demonstrate impartiality at all times.

The Deputy also attends meetings and functions in their own right as well as on behalf of the Presiding Officer in order to raise the profile of the Senedd.

David Rees