A Members’ Bill is a Bill introduced by an individual Member of the Senedd.

Any Member wishing to propose a Bill must apply to be included in a ballot which is held by the Presiding Officer. To be eligible for the ballot, Members must also table certain pre-ballot information, including the proposed title of the Bill and its policy objectives.

A Member who is successful in the ballot may then table a motion asking the Senedd to agree that he or she can introduce a Bill to give effect to the proposal included in the ballot. If that motion is agreed, the Member has 13 months in which he or she may formally introduce a Bill.

Once introduced, a Members' Bill is subject to the same scrutiny process as other Bills.

Legislative Ballots

The Presiding Officer must from time to time hold a Ballot to determine the name of a Member, other than a Member of the Government, who may seek agreement to introduce a Members' Bill.

The Presiding Officer has announced that the first legislative ballot of this Senedd will be held on 22 September 2021. The deadline for proposals to be tabled will be 4pm on Friday 17 September.

Selected Members

No ballots for Member Bills have yet been held in the Sixth Senedd.