Standing Orders require Members who wish to be included in the Member Bill ballot to table pre- ballot information.

All pre-ballot information tabled will be published. Members may only enter one proposal for any ballot but may revise or replace their proposal at any time between ballots. The proposals contained in the published list will be entered into each ballot, unless Members advise Senedd officials otherwise.

Tabled Proposals

The following proposals for a Member Bill have been Tabled during the Sixth Senedd:


Proposal Number Title of the Proposed Bill Member of the Senedd
001 Protection of War Memorials (Wales) Bill Paul Davies MS
002 Military Memorials (Wales) Bill Darren Millar MS
003 NHS Covenant (Wales) Bill Russell George MS
008 Tackling Homelessness (Wales) Bill Altaf Hussain MS
009 Animal Welfare (Ban on Snares and Glue Traps) (Wales) Bill Vikki Howells MS
011 Protection of Construction Retention Monies (Wales) Bill Joel James MS
012 Pets in Housing (Wales) Bill Luke Fletcher MS
013 Older Persons Rights (Wales) Bill Gareth Davies MS
015 Care Assessment (Wales) Bill Rhys ab Owen MS
016 The Mental Health (Wales) Bill James Evans MS
017 The Welsh Hearts Bill Alun Davies MS
019 Co-operative Economy and Employee-ownership (Wales) Bill Huw Irranca-Davies MS
020 Economic Development (Wales) Bill Tom Giffard MS
021 Take-up of Benefits (Wales) Bill Sioned Williams MS
023 Community Benefit Assessment Bill Rhun ap Iorwerth MS
027 Marine Planning (Wales) Bill Janet Finch-Saunders MS
028 Sport & Facilities (Wales) Bill Laura Anne Jones MS
029 Outdoor Education (Wales) Bill Sam Rowlands MS
030 Regulation of Builders (Wales) Bill Natasha Asghar MS
031 Community Empowerment (Wales) Bill Jane Dodds MS
032 Anaphylaxis in Schools (Wales) Bill Andrew RT Davies MS
033 British Sign Language (BSL) (Wales) Bill Mark Isherwood MS
034 Animal Welfare Investigations (Wales) Bill Samuel Kurtz MS


The following proposals for a Member Bill have been removed or replaced by the proposing Member since their initial tabling and publication. These will no longer be included in subsequent ballots.

Proposal Number Title of the Proposed Bill Member of the Senedd
004 Inland Water (Wales) Bill Samuel Kurtz MS
005 NHS (Wales) Elimination of Wastage in Medication Bill Natasha Asghar MS
006 British Sign Language (BSL) Bill Mark Isherwood MS
007 Flooding (Wales) Bill Janet Finch-Saunders MS
010 Blue Carbon (Wales) Bill Joyce Watson MS
014 Mental Health First Aid (Wales) Bill Laura Anne Jones MS
022 Community Housing (Wales) Bill Mabon ap Gwynfor MS
024 Glue Trap Offences (Wales) Bill Andrew RT Davies
025 Community Housing (Wales) Bill Llyr Gruffydd MS
026 Community Housing (Wales) Bill Peredur Owen Griffiths MS