Proposal 039 - Laura Anne Jones MS

Published 19/04/2024   |   Last Updated 19/04/2024   |   Reading Time minutes

The following is a proposal for a Member Bill tabled during the Sixth Senedd:

Proposing Member:

Laura Anne Jones MS

Title of the proposed Bill:

Relationships and Sexuality Education (Transparency) Bill

Policy Objectives of the proposed Bill:

The proposal is to establish a relationships and sexuality education, transparency and parental rights Bill.

The purpose of the Bill would be to:

  1. Legally prescribe the following rights for parents:
    • the right to know what relationships and sexuality education their child is being taught;
    • the right to withdraw their child from relationships and sexuality education.
  2. Re-enforce the longstanding principles that in the vast majority of cases parents, not the state, know best.
  3. Prevent schools from using for the purpose of relationships education, sex education or relationships and sexuality education, any material produced by an external provider unless that material has been published and made available to parents.