Proposal 040 - Delyth Jewell MS

Published 19/04/2024   |   Last Updated 19/04/2024   |   Reading Time minutes

The following is a proposal for a Member Bill tabled during the Sixth Senedd:

Proposing Member:

Delyth Jewell MS

Title of the proposed Bill:

Strengthening Women’s Voice and Agency in their own Healthcare (Wales) Bill

Policy Objectives of the proposed Bill:

To counter the normalisation of women's pain (both physical and emotional) in their healthcare, as well as the expectation that pain is a regrettable, but unavoidable aspect of women's health through consulting with gynaecologists, midwives and women's health groups with the aim of lessening situations where pain is expected and accepted as normal in NHS healthcare.

To strengthen the expectations for NHS services in the Quality Statement for Women’s and Girls’ Health.

To establish a legal requirement for healthcare providers to regularly collect feedback from female patients about their experiences and satisfaction with the care they receive, especially in relation to gynaecological appointments, midwifery, afterbirth, including perinatal mental health and during and after menopause.

To place statutory obligations upon the Welsh Government for the development, coordination and implementation of the Women’s Health Plan developed by the Welsh NHS, in consultation with gynaecologists, midwives and women's health groups.