Proposal 032 - Andrew RT Davies MS

Published 12/07/2022   |   Last Updated 12/07/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

The following is a proposal for a Member Bill tabled during the Sixth Senedd:

Proposing Member:

Andrew RT Davies MS

Title of the proposed Bill:

Anaphylaxis in Schools (Wales) Bill

Policy Objectives of the proposed Bill:

The purpose of the Bill is to introduce a legal duty on schools to:

  1. train teachers to spot the signs of an anaphylactic reaction;
  2. provide EpiPen training to teachers;
  3. teach children about food allergies.

Supporting information:

Anaphylaxis is a serious and potentially fatal allergic reaction. It seriously impedes the lives of those at risk. There is no treatment or cure for anaphylaxis – people at risk have two options: manage their condition and carry adrenaline.

There is currently no legal duty to train teachers to spot and treat anaphylactic reactions, nor for children to be educated about food allergies.

To embed allergy and anaphylaxis training in schools would save lives.

Anaphylaxis UK is the only UK wide charity focused on supporting those at risk of serious allergies, and they support these changes being made in Wales.