Ty Hywel office building in Cardiff Bay

Ty Hywel office building in Cardiff Bay

Senedd to launch new staff guidance on menopause

Published 18/10/2023   |   Last Updated 18/10/2023   |   Reading Time minutes

The Senedd Commission will be the first organisation in Wales to adopt the BSI’s (British Standards Institution) guidance on menopause and menstruation.  

Today, on World Menopause Day, the Senedd announced that they are now one of the UK’s leading organisations when it comes to supporting staff who are experiencing menopause. 

 A BUPA survey found that almost 900,000 women in the UK had left their jobs because of menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, dizziness, insomnia, and muscle and joint stiffness. 

One simple measure to be introduced at the Welsh Parliament will enable staff to choose desks based on whether they want to be next to a radiator, an open window or under air conditioning. This allows everyone to be seated in areas that are most comfortable to them. 

The Welsh Parliament’s new guidance offers practical tools for managers and those looking for more information on menstruation or peri/menopause. 

Joyce Watson MS, Equalities Commissioner at the Welsh Parliament, said, “We’re proud to announce that today, on World Menopause Day, the Senedd will be adopting the British Standard Institution guidance for people experiencing menopause.  

“By adopting these measures, we show our commitment to supporting people who are peri-menopausal or are experiencing menopause as we aim to make our workplace as inclusive as possible. We want the Senedd to be a place where anyone experiencing menopause feels comfortable. 

“I hope that today’s announcement not only signals our commitment to be as supportive as possible to staff, but also inspires other organisations in Wales to follow suit.”  

Anne Hayes, Director of Sectors at BSI, said: “Our research shows that women in Wales and across the UK are facing a Second Glass Ceiling, in many cases leaving the workforce early and not necessarily out of personal preference.  

“One fifth (21%) of women in the UK say health or well-being considerations associated with menopause are a barrier to continuing work, and nearly three quarters (72%) say there should be more support for women experiencing symptoms. More than half (54%) of UK women believe it would be difficult to raise menopause issues with an employer, and over half would be uncomfortable to do so (52%). We can take steps to change this. 

“There are huge benefits to individuals, organizations and society as a whole that can be realized if women are supported to remain in the workforce for longer. We are pleased that the Senedd has adopted our menopause in the workplace standard (BS 30416), becoming the first public body to do so in Wales. This is a step forward that can help society lift the Second Glass Ceiling facing women in Wales and beyond.”