Senedd Virtual Tour

Senedd Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Published 08/01/2021   |   Last Updated 14/03/2024   |   Reading Time minutes

Our recently developed Virtual Tour allows you to explore the Senedd whenever, and from wherever you like 

The tour provides an immersive and realistic experience of the Senedd, you’ll meet our tour guides, view our exhibitions, and see the building’s fantastic design.   

How it works 

The tour is an immersive 360⁰ experience that you can guide yourself around by clicking where you want to go on the screen of your device. Along the way you’ll find links, images and videos, which you can click on to find out more.  

You can also navigate yourself around the floors by using the floor selector tool in the bottom left corner, and if you have the equipment you can even experience the tour in Virtual Reality. 

We would like to know what you thought of your experience, tell us what you think.

What you’ll see 

When you enter the building, you will see an information point linking to a video of one of our tour guides welcoming you to the building – much like they would in real life! You’ll notice many more of these information points around the place, allowing you to learn more about the design and purpose of different areas of the building from our tour guides.  

Ground floor 

On the Ground floor in the Neuadd you’ll see three steel maps of Wales, created by artist-blacksmith Angharad Pearce Jones. These illustrate the electoral system in Wales and help you find out who represents you in the Senedd – we’ve added links to our relevant webpages so you can find out more. 

You can also access the public viewing gallery by heading through the oak door to the right of the reception desk. 

The Oriel 

Upstairs in the ‘Oriel’ area of the Senedd, you can navigate yourself around our ‘Story of Devolution’ exhibition which surrounds the funnel. The exhibition was created in 2019 to mark 20 years of devolution in Wales and follows the history of democracy in Wales from the 10th century to present day.  

In this area you’ll also find our ‘Participation Station’ where you can learn a bit about how we engage with the people of Wales. At the back of the Oriel is our café and shop, but unfortunately we haven’t quite mastered making virtual coffee yet. 

Y Cwrt 

If you head downstairs, you’ll get ‘behind the scenes’ access to the Cwrt area, which is usually restricted to the public for business and security reasons. This area includes the chamber and committee rooms. Our tour guides will explain the purpose of these rooms and the role that meetings that occur in them have in the work of the Senedd. 

From the chamber you’ll be able to view one of the Senedd’s most unique features – the inside of the funnel.

Want to know more? 

As well as this virtual tour, our tour guides are hosting weekly online live sessions. These presentations will give you an overview of: 

  • The Senedd – who we are and what we do;
  • The difference between the Welsh Government and the Senedd;
  • Representing you and your community: Members of the Senedd;
  • How you can have your say;
  • You can book onto one of these live Sessions on our Eventbrite page.