OPIN-2009-0057 - Action Duchenne 'Race against time Campaign'

Published 07/06/2014   |   Last Updated 07/06/2014


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OPIN-2009-0057 - Action Duchenne 'Race against time Campaign'

Raised By:

Christine Chapman


Lorraine Barrett 09/06/2009

William Graham 09/06/2009

Adnrew RT Davies 09/06/2009

Peter Black 09/06/2009

Lesley Griffiths 09/06/2009

Joyce Watson 10/06/2009

Rosemary Butler 10/06/2009

Jenny Randerson 10/06/2009

Irene James 10/06/2009

Nerys Evans 12/06/2009

Sandy Mewies 12/06/2009

Eleanor Burnham 12/06/2009

Huw Lewis 12/06/2009

Lynne Neagle 12/06/2009

David Melding 12/06/2009

Ann Jones 17/06/2009

Gareth Jones 18/06/2009

Kirsty Williams 23/06/2009

Trish Law 24/06/2009

Mick Bates 26/06/2009

Action Duchenne 'Race against t

ime Campaign'

That this Assembly;

Notes that Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a severe and progressive genetic muscle wasting condition primarily affecting boys;

Realises that the majority of boys with DMD are confined to a wheelchair by early teens and that average life expectancy for sufferers is late teens;

Recognises that there are only two specialist DMD centres in the UK, Newcastle and London;

Calls on the Welsh Assembly Government to improve access to specialist care in Wales, and to fund research facilities which will ensure that new drugs being developed for Duchenne at trial stages, are available for all families within Wales.