OPIN-2012-0120 – TUC march against cuts

Published 10/06/2014   |   Last Updated 10/06/2014


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OPIN-2012-0120 – TUC march against cuts

Raised By:

Bethan Jenkins

Mick Antoniw


Llyr Huws Gruffydd 08/10/2012

David Rees 09/10/2012

Lynne Neagle 09/10/2012

Julie James 09/10/2012

Mike Hedges 09/10/2012

Lindsay Whittle 09/10/2012

Christine Chapman 09/10/2012

Sandy Mewies 09/10/2012

Mark Drakeford 10/10/2012

Alun Ffred Jones 10/10/2012

Jocelyn Davies 10/10/2012

Elin Jones 10/10/2012

Simon Thomas 10/10/2012

Julie Morgan 11/10/2012

Rebecca Evans 11/10/2012

Ann Jones 11/10/2012

Vaughan Gething 11/10/2012

Gwenda Thomas 11/10/2012

Rhodri Glyn Thomas 16/10/2012

Leanne Wood 16/10/2012

TUC march against cuts

This Assembly:

Notes the resolve of Richard Evans (PCS), Steffan-Ap-Dafydd (NUT) and Cerith Griffiths (FBU) to walk the 156 miles from Cardiff to London to join the October 20th TUC rally;

Congratulates them in their attempt to highlight the urgent threat posed by unnecessary Westminster spending cuts of up to 40% and the damage that this will do, not only to public services in Wales but the very communities in which we live and work; and

Wishes a safe journey, both to them and the many others who will accept the challenge to march on October 20th.