Support available to you: If you have an allegation made against you and you work at the Senedd

Published 03/11/2020   |   Last Updated 03/11/2020   |   Reading Time minutes

We recognise that you may need support. The following suggestions are provided as a guide to assist and support you should you find yourselves in this position. We encourage you to talk to someone. 

If you feel that you would benefit from support from a medical practitioner, please contact your GP, or the Senedd’s Occupational Health Nurse who can be contacted through Members’ Business Support or the Senedd Commission’s HR Department. 

The Employee Assistance Programme on 0800 174 319 is available to Members of the Senedd, the staff employed by Members of the Senedd and political groups and Senedd Commission staff. Trained counsellors will provide you with emotional support and guidance. 

You may feel that you require ongoing face to face support to assist you emotionally during a complaint investigation. Please let us know if you would like us to make such arrangements.   

Other support available 

Staff employed by the Senedd Commission: 

  • Your HR Department; your trade union representative; a colleague or manager. 

Staff employed by Members of the Senedd or political groups: 

  • Members’ Business Support; your employer, a colleague or manager; your trade union representative; your Business Manager or political party. 

Members of the Senedd: 

  • Members’ Business Support; your Business Manager or political party; your trade union representative. 

Contractors working for the Senedd: 

  • You may have your own employee assistance programme; trade union representative; manager, colleague or your own HR Department. 

Further support 

The Samaritans are there to help with feelings of depression, being overwhelmed or negative thoughts. They do not simply help with thoughts of suicide, although, if you have such thoughts we would strongly encourage you to contact them urgently. Their telephone number is 116 123 and it is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

For a private discussion on any of these matters, contact: 

  • Head of Members’ Business Support on 0300 200 6241 
  • Head of the Senedd Commission’s Human Resources Department on 0300 200 6461