Elections and Voting

Your voice matters. Every time an election or referendum is held in Wales, it’s a chance for you to use your voice and have your say, to shape the future of Wales.


Your Vote

If you’re 16 or over, you can use your voice to shape the future of Wales by voting in Senedd and local elections in Wales.

Find out how to register to vote and about the different ways to cast your vote, so you can take part.


Senedd Elections

Voting in a Senedd election is your chance have your say about who’ll represent you and your community at the Senedd.

Your vote can influence who’ll be in charge of the powers the Senedd has to shape life in Wales.

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Election Results

Senedd Election Results

Looking for results of previous Senedd elections?

See all past results of Senedd constituency, regional and by-elections in Wales since 1999.

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