Who's who in the Senedd?

Published 03/12/2020   |   Last Updated 07/11/2022

There are many different roles that are part of the work that happens in the Senedd.  Here's a closer look at who's who.

The Llywydd 

The role of the Llywydd mirrors the roles of Speakers and Presiding Officers in parliaments across the world.

The Llywydd or Presiding Officer chairs Plenary meetings and the Senedd Commission which oversees the work and support function of the Welsh Parliament.

They also represent the Senedd and Wales’ interests on a national and international stage. 

The Llywydd is a sitting Member of the Senedd and is elected to the role by other MSs, following Senedd elections. The Llywydd is an impartial role.

Meet the Llywydd of the Senedd


Deputy Presiding Officer 

The primary function of the Deputy Presiding Officer is to deputise for the Llywydd and chair Plenary meetings.  

Meet the Deputy Presiding Officer 


The First Minister of Wales

The First Minister of Wales is the leader of the Welsh Government.

In the Senedd they represent the Welsh Government, answer questions about government policy and the decisions they make about the day-to-day running of public services in Wales.

The First Minister also promotes and represents Wales in an official capacity.

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Ministers are the Members of the Senedd who are in the Welsh Government.

They are appointed by the First Minister of Wales and have specific areas of Welsh Government policy to look after.

Ministers speak on behalf of the Welsh Government in the Senedd and answer questions from Members.


Counsel General for Wales

The Counsel General is the Welsh Government’s Law Officer. They are the Welsh Government’s chief legal adviser and representative in the courts.



Is described by the Welsh Government as the Minister who is responsible for organising government business in the Senedd. 


Political Group Leaders

Each political group has a nominated leader who question the First Minister during Questions to the First Minister. 

Each group also has nominated spokespeople who are called to question Welsh Government Ministers.


Business Managers

Business Managers are MSs who have been appointed by their parties to inform and organise their Members in the Senedd.


Chief Executive and Clerk of the Senedd 

The Chief Executive and Clerk of the Senedd is responsible for the staff of the Senedd Commission and providing the Senedd and its Members with property, staff and services. 

They also advise the Llywydd and the Senedd on its procedures.



The Senedd Commission is the corporate body of the Senedd. The Llywydd chairs the Commission and four other Members are chosen by political parties.

Each Commissioner is responsible for overseeing specific areas of the Senedd Commission.  

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