Area of Research Interest: Sustainable communities

Published 19/08/2022   |   Last Updated 31/08/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

The Climate Change, Environment, and Infrastructure Committee has published an Area of Research Interest (ARI)   on sustainable communities.  The Committee is interested in exploring how the Welsh Government policy interventions in transport, planning, and infrastructure can be used to deliver better connectivity and transport opportunities, create homes that are low carbon, affordable, and accessible to local communities; and develop green skills and local green jobs.

Academics at all career stages, research institutions, and experts are encouraged to register their interest in the ARI, add their existing research in the topic areas to the ARI repository, provide their insights, and suggest questions that the Committee could ask the Welsh Government.

Those who respond to the survey will be entered onto a database of experts who may be contacted by Senedd staff to help them support the Committee to scrutinise the Welsh Government in this areas of interest. There is no need to contact committee staff directly, as they have access to all information you enter on the database.

The Committee will use the information gathered through the ARI repository to scope and support its future work.

Register your expertise and research insights on sustainable communities