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The committee will look at all the evidence gathered during its inquiry, and agree any proposals ('recommendations') that it wants to make to the Welsh Government on how the Government could improve its work. Sometimes a summary of the main themes that emerged from the evidence is produced for the committee. Committees can report on their inquiry in a number of ways, including producing a full report, or writing to the relevant Welsh Government Minister.

Whatever the committee produces will normally be published, and will be made available on the committee's web pages. It will be sent electronically to anybody who has provided evidence, and also sent to the Welsh Government.

Following up on the report

The Welsh Government will answer any recommendations that have been made by the committee. This usually happens within six weeks of a report being published. A committee is able to request a debate in Plenary (a meeting of all 60 Members of the Senedd) on any report it has produced. Debating a report in Plenary allows Members of the Senedd from all political parties to comment on the committee's inquiry and the Welsh Government's response, as well as allowing committee members to pursue particular issues; for example, recommendations that have not been agreed. A committee may revisit its reports to follow up on the progress made by the Welsh Government towards implementing the recommendations.

When a committee reports on legislation, the process is slightly different, as the reports and responses are part of specific stages. More information on the legislative process can be found in our Guide to the Legislative Process.