Guidance on correction of transcripts

Published 01/09/2020   |   Last Updated 26/01/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

The transcripts of committee meetings produced by the Translation and Reporting Service are substantially verbatim records. That is, the transcripts are, word for word, a record of what was said in the meeting, very lightly edited to address problems such as grammatical errors, slips of the tongue and obvious mistakes.

Alterations to transcripts should be restricted to:

  • the correction of mistakes made in transcription, such as mishears, misspellings or typographical errors;

  • the correction of facts, such as dates or figures, that are not the focus of the discussion and so do not materially alter the general sense of any contribution. Such corrections will be clearly marked in the transcript.

Corrections should be made to your own contributions only.

The Translation and Reporting Service staff will decide whether suggested corrections are admissible. Minor alterations to the style or wording of any contribution to improve expression are not admissible.

All corrections should be supplied against a list of paragraph numbers.

If facts need to be corrected that do materially alter the general sense of a contribution, or if you wish to clarify a matter further, this should be drawn to our attention separately, as they can, if necessary, be included as a footnote in the transcript. Please supply us with a wording for inclusion.

Corrections should be returned by the date specified. Failure to keep to the timetable for corrections will mean that the final version of the transcript will be published without the corrections.

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