Creating a petition

Published 01/09/2020   |   Last Updated 17/12/2020   |   Reading Time minutes

Petitioning is one of the most direct ways to suggest how something could change. Petitions can:

  • Raise awareness of an issue;
  • Bring about a change in Welsh Government policy or a different way of delivering services;
  • Propose or influence a new law;
  • Prompt a Senedd Committee to hold an inquiry;
  • Lead to, or influence, a debate in the Senedd;
  • Prompt a Committee or individual Members of the Senedd to take further action themselves, for instance by asking questions.

You can submit a petition using our online petitions system, on paper, or a combination of the two.

Petitions from other websites are not accepted by the Petitions Committee.

If you are considering collecting signatures on paper, you should contact us in advance for advice. A template can also be provided.