Role of the Petitions Committee

Published 28/08/2020   |   Last Updated 21/12/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

The Senedd has established the Petitions Committee to consider all admissible petitions and decide what action to take.

As part of their consideration of your petition, the Petitions Committee can:

  • write to you for more information;
  • invite you to talk to the Committee in person about the petition;
  • ask for evidence from the Welsh Government or other relevant people or organisations;
  • press the Welsh Government for action;
  • raise the petition with another Senedd committee;
  • put forward the petition for debate;
  • run a detailed inquiry and publish a report on the topic.

Contact us

The Petitions Committee clerking team can help guide you through the petitions process. If you need help or further information, contact: