Published 01/12/2020   |   Last Updated 23/12/2020   |   Reading Time minutes

Oral Statements

Oral statements are made by Government Ministers on issues of interest and importance to the Senedd. The Presiding Officer or Deputy Presiding Officer, Senedd Commissioners or other ASs with particular responsibilities (e.g. ASs proposing legislation) may also make statements. Most statements are subject to questioning by Members and are usually allocated a maximum time on the Plenary Agenda.

Business Statement and Announcement

The Business Statement and Announcement is a particular type of statement made weekly in Plenary by the Minister responsible for government business. The Business Statement and Announcement outlines the future business of the Senedd up to three weeks in advance.

Personal Statements

The Presiding Officer may allow a personal statement to be made by a Member. This may occur if a Member wishes to make a statement to Plenary on resigning as chair of a committee, for example, or crossing the floor. Personal statements must be brief and factual and they are not subject to debate.

Written Statements

Written statements can also be issued by the Government or the Commission on any matter within their respective responsibilities. They usually relate to technical matters or matters which do not warrant an oral statement in Plenary. The Welsh Government and Senedd Commission usually send any written statements directly to Members by e-mail. All written statements are published in the Report of Proceedings.