Abolition of the Right to Buy Bill – Assembly committee wants views from public on the Bill

Published 20/03/2017   |   Last Updated 20/03/2017

​A Bill which could end the rights of council house and housing association tenants to buy their properties is being considered by a National Assembly for Wales committee.

The Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee will consider whether the Abolition of the Right to Buy and Associated Rights (Wales) Bill, introduced by the Welsh Government, is necessary and whether, if passed, the Bill will achieve its objectives.

In the Explanatory Memorandum which accompanies the Bill, the Welsh Government states:

“Safeguarding Wales’ social housing stock for people who are unable to acquire homes through the housing market by bringing forward a Bill to end the Right to Buy is one of the priorities in Taking Wales Forward.”

In particular, the Committee would like to hear the views of tenants in social housing and prospective tenants who will be affected if the Bill becomes law. It would also like to hear from people who have bought their homes under these schemes.

“The role of the committee is to make sure that the Bill is necessary, is well thought-out, and will address the issues and objectives it is designed to address.” said John Griffiths AM, Chair of the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee.

“As part of our work we will be going out to various locations around Wales to meet with social housing tenants to ask them about how the Welsh Government’s proposals are likely to affect them.

“However, we would also encourage anyone who is likely to be affected by this law to take part in our inquiry and send us their views.”

A public consultation is open until Friday, 28 April and more information of how to contribute can be found on the Committee’s web pages.

The Committee’s report will be published on 7 July 2017.