AM gets chance to propose new laws

Published 17/04/2008   |   Last Updated 14/07/2014

AM gets chance to propose new laws

Two ballots for Assembly Members who are not part of the government to pass laws for Wales under the Assembly’s new powers have taken place today. One ballot allows a Member to introduce an Assembly Measure, while the other allows a Member to seek further legislative powers in the form of a Legislative Competence Order(LCO)

Coincidentally, Peter Black AM has won both ballots and will be given the chance to introduce a Measure on youth services. He will also seek to obtain a Legislative Competence Order on Local Government Electoral Arrangements.

The Government of Wales Act gives the Assembly power to make its own legislation on devolved matters such as health, education, social services, local government. These are known as Assembly Measures,

Before making Measures in relation to a particular area of devolved government, the National Assembly for Wales will need to obtain ‘legislative competence’ – the legal authority to pass Measures from the UK Parliament.

Legislative competence can be granted either in Acts of Parliament or using the new route of “Legislative Competence Orders” (LCO), and once the Assembly is granted legislative competence on a topic by the UK Parliament, it can begin the process of passing Assembly Measures.