Assembly Committee concerned that Bill on holiday caravan parks could damage caravan industry in Wales

Published 24/10/2014   |   Last Updated 09/06/2015

A cross-party committee of the National Assembly for Wales has called for the Assembly to reject a Bill aimed at reforming law governing the holiday caravan park industry in Wales.

The call has come from the Communities, Equalities and Local Government Committee in their Stage 1 scrutiny report on the Holiday Caravan Sites (Wales) Bill.

The Bill was introduced by Clwyd West AM Darren Millar AM, after he won the ballot to bring forward a member-proposed piece of legislation.

In principle, the Bill aims to "modernise the regulatory framework for holiday caravan sites in Wales" and "seeks to end the permanent residential use of holiday caravans by requiring owners and long-term occupiers to demonstrate that their main residence is elsewhere".

But the committee is recommending that the Assembly does not support the general principles of the Bill.

"We heard strong evidence from the holiday caravan park industry that the Bill’s proposals could put the industry in Wales at a competitive disadvantage and drive site operators to England", said Committee Chair, Christine Chapman AM.

"The holiday caravan park industry is of great importance to tourism in Wales and makes a significant contribution to our economy. This would be a high price to pay to introduce changes that we are not convinced are needed."

Although the Committee does not believe the Bill should proceed further, it calls on the Welsh Government to "identify an appropriate legislative vehicle through which mandatory holiday caravan agreements can be introduced", and that it should be done before the end of this Assembly.

Report : Holiday Caravan Sites (Wales) Bill (PDF, 522KB)