Assembly Committee name change

Published 03/02/2010   |   Last Updated 14/07/2014

Assembly Committee name change

The Assembly’s Subordinate Legislation Committee has been renamed the Constitutional Affairs Committee.

The name change is aimed at reflecting the wide role that the Committee has in the third Assembly and the need to recognise its wider remit through its title.  

Committee Chair, Janet Ryder AM said: “The National Assembly for Wales has undergone many changes since the 2006 Government of Wales Act and its remit has increased greatly as a result of changes put in place after the Act.

“The committee’s role now goes far beyond technical scrutiny of Subordinate Legislation – it also scrutinises the merits of these laws, any public policy issues that may arise from them and a variety of other matters.  

“It is the only Assembly Committee in a position to look broadly at the developing legal competence of the National Assembly and how those powers are acquired – in short at the Welsh Constitution.  

“Taking all of this into account, there was widespread acceptance that the Committee’s old name did not adequately reflect its new remit.  

“I am very pleased, therefore, that the Assembly has agreed that it should be renamed as the Constitutional Affairs Committee.”