Assembly elects new Committees to look at proposed legislation

Published 27/02/2008   |   Last Updated 14/07/2014

Assembly elects new Committees to look at proposed legislation

The Assembly has voted to establish two Committees to scrutinise the first two Legislative Competence Orders (LCO0 laid by AMs who are not part of the Government.

One committee, established to scrutinise Jonathan Morgan’s Proposed LCO on Mental Health Services will comprise Janice Gregory, Val Lloyd, Bethan Jenkins, David Melding and Jenny Randerson, while membership of the other, which will scrutinise Ann Jones’s proposed LCO on domestic fire safety will include Huw Lewis, Sandy Mewies, Janet Ryder, Mark Isherwood and Peter Black.

Legislative Competence Orders are a type of secondary legislation which transfer specific powers from Parliament to the Assembly. New legislative powers were granted to the Assembly under the 2006 Government of Wales Act.

The role of the Committees will be to consider and report on the proposed LCO. They will carry out public consultation and take evidence from key stakeholders.

Information for journalists about the Assembly’s role, responsibilities and new law-making powers can be found in our online media pack.