Response to Welsh Government announcement on NHS COVID Passes

Published 17/09/2021   |   Last Updated 17/09/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

In response to the Welsh Government’s statement about NHS COVID Pass today (19 September 2021), Delyth Jewell MS, Chair of the Senedd Culture, Communications, Welsh Language, Sport and International Relations Committee said:

“The Welsh Government’s statement today is to be welcomed, however the statement also raises a number of questions which require answering:

  1. What is the core objective of introducing these passes? Is it to increase vaccination rates among the unvaccinated or is to control the spread of the virus in a very limited range of settings?
  2. The number of venues, aside from nightclubs, that will be affected by this statement is very small. How many events and/or venues will these passes apply to over the coming autumn and winter?
  3. Could the Welsh Government confirm its definition of “nightclubs and similar venues”?
  4. What assistance will be provided to those events currently scheduled to communicate these pass requirements to those who have already purchased tickets, including those from outside of Wales?
  5. What evidence does the Welsh Government have of transmission among unvaccinated people in the settings covered by today’s announcement? What material impact are the changes announced today modelled to have on this transmission incidence?
  6. Will the Welsh Government publish the results of the research undertaken behind the test events undertaken in Wales, and outline what is has learnt from this research before announcing today’s statement?

“It is imperative that answers are provided to these questions in order to ensure that the public at large both understand and participate in this process. Ensuring that there is public buy-in is central to the success of these measures.”