Committee to hear objections to the Welsh Assembly Government proposal for a by-pass in Pembrokeshire

Published 03/10/2008   |   Last Updated 14/07/2014

SO25: Special Assembly Procedure Committee

SAP Committee on the draft A40 Penblewin Order

Committee to hear objections to the Welsh Assembly Government proposal for a by-pass in Pembrokeshire

A Special Assembly Procedure Committee will meet on 7-10 October 2008 to consider the petitions of Pembrokeshire County Council and Mr.K.Jones against the Robeston Wathen by-pass in Pembrokeshire proposed by the Welsh Assembly Government – the draft A40 Penblewin to Slebech Park Improvement Order.

Christine Chapman AM, Chair of the Committee, said: "This is the first draft Order made by Welsh Ministers to be challenged under the Special Assembly Procedure and to come before an Assembly Committee. These types of Orders and challenges are rare occurrences. The last one which was heard in the Westminster Parliament was in 1999."

The Committee will hear evidence from witnesses for Pembrokeshire County Council in support of their petition. They contend that the draft Order should not be made because the intention of the Minister is to construct a single carriageway three lane (2 + 1) road instead of a dual carriageway. Pembrokeshire County Council asserts that a dual carriageway would be better value for money.

The Committee will also hear from representatives of Mr. K. Jones, Sunnyside Farm, Robeston Wathen, Pembrokeshire. The ground of objection is that the Order should not be made because that length would divide Sunnyside Farm in two and thereby have a considerable adverse effect on the holding.

The Welsh Assembly Government will call witnesses and present evidence to counter the petitions, and in support of the proposal for the by-pass.

The Committee’s role is to establish the facts and decide on whether the Order should be made or not in the light of those facts presented by the petitioners and the Welsh Assembly Government. It is not within its remit to consider evidence from any other interested parties.

Pembrokeshire County Council will be represented by Winston Roddick QC. The Welsh Assembly Government will be represented by Graham Walters, Counsel. Mr Jones is represented by Mr J. Nicholas of JJ Morris Chartered Surveyors.

“The London to Fishguard Trunk Road (A40) (Penblewin to Slebech Park Improvement) Order 200-“draft Order was laid before the Assembly on the 7 May 2008. Both petitions were submitted to the Presiding Officer in June 2008 under the Special Assembly Procedure, the first time such a Procedure has been triggered in Wales.

Further information on the Committee and the Special Assembly Procedure