National archive sets the record straight for Wales’ women politicians

Published 09/11/2021   |   Last Updated 10/11/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

  • Experiences of Wales’ trailblazing political women recorded and protected in national archive
  • Over 50 women elected to Senedd since birth of Welsh devolution put their stories on the record

The experiences of the women who played a central part in the first decades of devolution in Wales have been recorded and protected in a national archive.

The voices and papers of current and former women Members of the Senedd have been captured in Setting the Record Straight - Gwir Gofnod o gyfnod, a project by Archif Menywod Cymru / Women’s Archive Wales and the Senedd.

 Former Member of the Senedd, Suzy Davies, recording her story for the archive project


From its very beginning there was a higher proportion of women Members in the Senedd compared to other comparable Parliaments internationally. In 2003 it was the first legislative body in the world to achieve parity – a 50:50 split of women and men. Yet, before the project few female politicians had contributed their documents, photographs, and papers, while male politicians had been proactive in doing so.

This project aims to counter that and protect the legacy of women’s contribution to a defining moment in Wales’ political history and inform and inspire future generations.

All contributors have an interesting and personal story to tell, from how they became engaged in politics and the difficulties they encountered, to the campaigns they championed and why.

Speaking in her recording for the archives, Sian Gwenllian, Member of the Senedd for Arfon since 2016, said:

“Research has been done that shows that in the National Assembly [now Senedd Cymru] more attention is given to subjects like childcare and job sharing than in institutions with less equality. Having more women means the lives of all women will be improved, because we draw attention to the important things in our lives.”

An event to celebrate the culmination of a two year project will be held in the Senedd today (Tuesday 9 November 2021). It is a joint project by Archif Menywod Cymru / Women’s Archive Wales and the Senedd, with funding also by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Among the speakers at the event are Elin Jones MS, Llywydd of the Senedd, who has represented the constituency of Ceredigion since the first Welsh election in 1999.

Elin Jones has championed the work of the archive from the very start. Her story has been recorded, along with important documents spanning her entire career.

Women's Archive Wales event in Senedd, Elin Jones MS Llywydd

Elin Jones MS, Llywydd of the Senedd, speaking at the event in the Senedd


Elin Jones MS, Llywydd of the Senedd, says: 

“It is imperative that the contribution of women to Welsh politics is protected so that we have a record of the critical role played by those women. That a national Parliament had such a significant number of women from the start, it enabled it to break new ground. It had a real impact on the way in which the Senedd evolved and the way we did politics. The archive has an important contribution to make in capturing the whole story and ensuring that the voice of women is appropriately heard when future generations look back at the story of Welsh democracy.”  

Catrin Stevens, former Chair of Women’s Archive Wales and Co-ordinator of this project says: 

“As an Archive we have been concerned for some time of the reluctance of women politicians to deposit their important political papers in our national and local archives, while men politicians have been proactive in writing memoires and safeguarding their legacies. This project has succeeded in changing this and ensuring that women’s immense contributions to the first years of Devolution are captured in their papers and in their voices for the future. It has been a privilege, an honour and an inspiration to do so.”

Also included in the archive are the stories of four young women who were among the Members of the first Welsh Youth Parliament: Eleri Griffiths (Cynon Valley) Arianwen Fox-James (Powys), Talulah Thomas (Clwyd South) and Alys Hall (Rhondda). 

Former Welsh Youth Parliament Member, Eleri Griffiths, is one of four to have contributed to the archive


Over 50 incisive Welsh and English interviews were filmed with past and present women Assembly and Senedd Members for the oral history element of Setting the Record Straight, many of whom were instrumental and vanguard in the battle for devolution and equality at the end of the last century.

These oral and documentary collections will be kept in the National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales and the Welsh Political Archive at the National Library of Wales as well as other relevant archives around the country, where they can be watched and studied by historians, researchers, students, and members of the public and safeguarded for future generations.

You can find further information and clips of the archive recordings here