Consult Welsh children on safe places to play – says committee report

Published 23/11/2010   |   Last Updated 14/07/2014

Consult Welsh children on safe places to play – says committee report

23 November 2010

Children and young people need to be given more of a say on play facilities across Wales according to a new report from the National Assembly for Wales.

An inquiry by the Children and Young People Committee found involving them in projects and programmes from the outset provided valuable information and helped to break down barriers between generations where previously there was a feeling of uncertainty or even fear.

The Committee heard evidence of a number of innovative and rewarding projects in communities across Wales, some with the involvement and support of Welsh Government agencies such as Communities First.

There were also examples of communities working with local councils and organisations such as the Big Lottery Fund and Action for Children.

In all cases those who gave evidence spoke of the importance of safe and accessible play facilities for children and young people to use and the benefits those facilities and services can have for the wider community.

Consult Welsh children on safe places to play -- says committee report from Assembly Wales / Cynulliad Cymru on Vimeo.

Chair of the Children and Young People Committee, Helen Mary Jones AM, said: “This report demonstrates a number of things, not least that involving our younger generation in decisions that directly affect them gives them a sense of ownership and us an understanding that perhaps we are lacking.

“From the questionnaires we received from children and young people, to the advice and evidence from a variety of stakeholders, each demonstrated not only a need for safe areas to play but that they are safe to access and sensibly sited.

“We are in financially constrained times and the issue of children’s play may be down the priorities list, but the value of such facilities cannot be underestimated and I would urge the Welsh Government to take on board the recommendations of this report.