Trawsfynydd nuclear power station.

Trawsfynydd nuclear power station in Gwynedd.

Trawsfynydd nuclear power station.

Trawsfynydd nuclear power station in Gwynedd.

Decision on Wylfa and Trawsfynydd ‘urgently needed’

Published 21/02/2024   |   Last Updated 21/02/2024   |   Reading Time minutes

A decision by the UK Government on the future of nuclear development at Wylfa and Trawsfynydd is urgently needed, according to a Senedd Committee.

The Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee’s latest report analyses the role of nuclear energy in Wales’ economy and concludes that a successful nuclear industry would provide thousands of high-quality jobs and billions of pounds worth of investment.

Investment and jobs

The Committee is calling for the UK Government, as nuclear energy is largely a reserved matter, to decide on the future of Wylfa and Trawsfynydd urgently, especially since the recent publication of the ‘Civil Nuclear: Roadmap to 2050’ plan did not mention either site.

If the sites in north Wales are chosen to be a part of the next generation of nuclear reactors, this could bring tens of thousands of additional jobs to the area according to the Nuclear Industry Association.

The Committee’s report is urging the Welsh Government to be ready to ensure there are maximum benefits to the Welsh economy if the decision to go ahead with nuclear in north Wales is made.

Skills and housing

One of the key challenges identified by the Committee is the need to increase workforce skills for the nuclear sector.

The public body Great British Nuclear said that the increase in skills needed for the nuclear sector was “breathtaking”, which has led to the Committee calling for the Welsh Government to set out how it will work with the education and skills sector to establish a workforce that is ready.

The report also details how any new nuclear commission would likely bring in many workers from outside of north Wales - this could bring pressure on local housing stock.

The Committee is urging the Welsh Government to work closely with local authorities and housing planners if the nuclear investment were to go ahead.

Wylfa nuclear power station.

"Potential to rejuvenate the north Wales economy"

Paul Davies MS, Chair of the Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee, said: “The history - and potential future - of the north Wales nuclear industry is huge. The industry is already a big local employer, and this could be even larger.

“This is why we are calling on the UK Government to make an urgent decision on the two sites so that the people of north Wales can get clarity on what the future holds for them.  

“Both the Wylfa and Trawsfynydd have the potential to rejuvenate the north Wales economy if they are chosen for nuclear investment, but we also need the Welsh Government to step up to make sure that this potential investment is successful.

“They need to start their work now, making sure that the workforce is skilled, specialised and ready so that the new opportunities can benefit local people. The Welsh Government must also engage with local authorities and communities to ensure that housing stock isn’t overwhelmed.”


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