Delegation of AMs head to Dublin in bid to boost Welsh ports

Published 11/05/2012   |   Last Updated 14/07/2014

Delegation of AMs head to Dublin in bid to boost Welsh ports

11 May 2012

A group of Members from the National Assembly for Wales will attend the British Irish Parliamentary Assembly (BIPA) plenary session in Dublin, on 14 & 15 May.

It is the 44th plenary of BIPA, which brings together politicians from the Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Westminster Parliament, Irish Parliament, the Isle of Man, and the legislatures of Gurnsey and Jersey.

The aim of the sessions is to discuss matters of mutual interest, with the theme of this particular plenary session being “Making business easier between Britain and Ireland”.

And as part of the discussions, Assembly Members will raise the issue of the future of Welsh ports, and in particular how trade and links could be improved between Welsh and Irish ports.

“BIPA is a very important in terms of cross-parliamentary relationships, where all sorts of issues of common concern are discussed,” said the Assembly’s Deputy Presiding Officer and lead delegate, David Melding AM.

“It is right that myself and my colleagues make the trip in order to stand up for the interest of Wales, and in particular on this occasion, the interests of Welsh business.

“Not only are our sea ports the lifeblood of many seaside communities in Wales, but they are vital for businesses in all parts of Wales, in terms of exporting their goods and services.

“We will be raising the issue of Welsh ports as part of a proposed discussion on transport and tourism links and hope that by stating Wales’s case at BIPA, we can improve the opportunities for our ports.”

Mr Melding will be joined in Dublin by Bethan Jenkins AM, Darren Millar AM, William Powell AM and Ken Skates AM.

The Plenary session will, for the first time, take place in the Seanad Eireann, the upper chamber of the Irish Parliament.

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