Dignity and Respect – statement from the Standards of Conduct Committee

Published 21/03/2018   |   Last Updated 26/07/2018

The Standards of Conduct Committee has issued the following update on its work examining dignity and respect at the National Assembly for Wales.

“At its meeting on Tuesday 13 March 2018, the Standards of Conduct Committee reflected on the progress of its work on dignity and respect in the National Assembly launched in November 2017.

“In the light of the evidence heard, the Committee is unanimous that it needs more time to better understand how the issues around inappropriate behaviour are addressed at the National Assembly for Wales.

“As a result, the Committee has agreed to appoint an independent expert adviser to help the Committee navigate through the issues raised as part of this inquiry.

“It also agreed to establish a reference group, including external representatives, to provide a robust challenge for the Committee’s proposals as they are developed. The appointment processes for both will commence as soon as possible.

“The Committee agreed that work underway to approve the new interim Dignity and Respect policy should continue. The draft policy was subject to consultation with Commission Staff, Assembly Members support staff and the trade unions.

“In the meantime, comments are currently being analysed with a view to presenting the policy for approval as soon as possible after Easter. The Committee agreed that it should be reviewed over the next 12 months as the Committee’s inquiry progresses.

“In addition to the improvements that have already been introduced, these actions reflect the Committee’s determination to ensure that it is contributing to creating a political culture free from harassment of any kind.

“The Committee remains united in its view that inappropriate behaviour of every kind has no place in this institution.”