Intelligent discussion needed on Welsh cricket team – says National Assembly Committee

Published 01/05/2013   |   Last Updated 14/07/2014

Intelligent discussion needed on Welsh cricket team – says National Assembly Committee

1 May 2013

The National Assembly for Wales’s Petitions Committee has called for an intelligent discussion on the feasibility of establishing a national Welsh cricket team.

The Committee has stated that a consultation should be held to ascertain what the majority view is from all sections of the cricketing community, including players and fans at all levels and ages.

It decided against a recommendation either for or against the team’s establishment, instead concluding that such a decision lies with those responsible for safeguarding and promoting the game in Wales.

In gathering information to inform its decision, the Committee noted that both Cricket Wales and Glamorgan County Cricket Club were against a petition calling on the National Assembly “ urge the Welsh Government to support the establishment of a Welsh international cricket team.”

Logistical and constitutional concerns were also raised regarding Wales’s place in world cricket, its possible separation from the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), and funding.

“While considering this petition, the Committee has seen a passion and following for cricket in Wales which can be compared to major test sides such as New Zealand,” said William Powell AM, Chair of the Petitions Committee.

“At the heart of the petition is a sense of national identity and a belief that Wales is overlooked on the world stage with fans only seeing England represented.

“It is a feeling which can be derived from something as simple as the England and Wales Cricket Board’s acronym – ECB - which apparently omits Wales.

“In examining the feasibility and appropriateness of creating a national Welsh team, the Committee recognises the substantial obstacles which block the way.

“We hope that this report serves as the starting point for an intelligent discussion, taking on board the opinions and ideas of all those who support the game at professional, county and local village team level. These views should inform the best way to approach this issue and decide on a way forward.”

During its deliberations, the Committee received submissions from the lead petitioner and organisations and individuals including Cricket Wales, Glamorgan County Cricket Club, Sport Wales, and former Glamorgan and England cricketer Matthew Maynard.

The petition, submitted by Matthew Bumford from Cardiff, collected 187 signatures.

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