National Assembly Commission Appoints Independent Review Panel to Assess Pay and Financial Support for AMs

Published 07/08/2008   |   Last Updated 15/11/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

The National Assembly for Wales Commission today (Thursday 7 August) announced the formation of an independent review panel to undertake a fundamental examination of the pay and the provision of financial support for Assembly Members.

The panel will be chaired by Sir Roger Jones, Pro-Chancellor of the University of Swansea. The other panel members are the Rt Hon Dafydd Wigley, Nigel Rudd (former Chief Executive of the East Midlands Regional Assembly), Deep Sagar (Chair of LEASE and former chair of NHS 24) and Jackie Nickson, (HR Manager, Opagus Group Ltd).

Reporting to the National Assembly for Wales Commission, the Panel has been tasked with delivering a report and recommendations on AMs’ pay and financial support, including expenses, allowances, support staff, constituency accommodation and IT.

The Independent Review Panel has been established by the Commission following a recommendation from the First Report of the Review Panel on Financial Support for Assembly Members, published in March 2008.

Claire Clancy, Chief Executive and Clerk to the Assembly said: “There has been a significant public debate about the way in which elected politicians receive recompense and support for their work. The Independent Review Panel has therefore been tasked to produce a set of evidence-based recommendations containing principles that will deliver a fair, equitable and transparent process for the financial support of Assembly Members in order to improve public knowledge and perception of these issues.”

Sir Roger Jones, the Review Panel chair said: “The National Assembly for Wales has at its core a commitment to transparent and accessible democracy. I am proud to chair a panel that will report to the Assembly Commission on the best way of providing support to Assembly Members that is appropriate for Wales, and that will help underpin future good governance and effective public service in Wales.”

The Panel is expected to submit a report and recommendations to the Assembly Commission by the end of March 2009.



The Assembly Commission

The Government of Wales Act 2006 provides the National Assembly for Wales with significant new powers to legislate, and strengthens its scrutiny role.

It also creates a legally separate Welsh Assembly Government and new Corporate Body which is called the National Assembly for Wales Commission (Assembly Commission) which has responsibility for the provision of property, staff and services to support the Assembly Members.

The Assembly Commissioners were elected by Members. Along with the Presiding Officer, who chairs the Commission, the members are:

Lorraine Barrett: Commissioner for the Sustainable Assembly. Portfolio includes responsibility for equality, language, environment and carbon neutrality, sustainable procurement and estate management.

Peter Black: Commissioner for the Assembly and the Citizen. Portfolio includes looking at the quality of scrutiny and the legislative process, external communications, ICT, citizenship education and lawfulness.

Chris Franks: Commissioner for the Improving Assembly. Portfolio includes looking at Improving services to Members and citizens, involving stakeholders,  strategic planning and considering value for money.

William Graham: Commissioner for Assembly Resources Portfolio includes considering the management of Assembly assets; Assembly people (including employees, contractors, services provided to support AMSS),  budget,  Members’ salaries and allowances and efficiency and good governance


The First Report of the Review Panel on Financial Support for Assembly Members