National Assembly for Wales Publishes First Annual Report

Published 18/07/2008   |   Last Updated 14/07/2014

National Assembly for Wales Publishes First Annual Report

The National Assembly for Wales today (Friday 18 July 2008) published its inaugural annual report online, in accordance with its commitment to sustainability.

The report reviews the duties undertaken by the Assembly from 9 May 2007 - the day the Government of Wales Act was invoked, providing the Assembly with its new powers – to 31 March 2008.

The Government of Wales Act 2006 provided the National Assembly for Wales with significant new powers to legislate and strengthened its scrutiny role. It also created the National Assembly for Wales Commission, responsible for the provision of property, staff and services to support the Assembly.

Highlights from Assembly’s first year include the introduction of seven Legislative Competence Orders and two Assembly Measures, and the first Member-proposed Measure - Jenny Randerson's Healthy Eating in Schools - was laid on 14 March and the Order giving the Assembly legislative powers on certain aspects of education and training received Royal approval on 8 April.

Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas AM, The Assembly’s Presiding Officer said: “It has been an exciting and important year for us, and the Assembly’s achievements to date and the enthusiasm shown by Assembly Members and staff auger well for the future.

“Firm foundations have been laid for the four years to 2011 that will help ensure we can fulfil our ambition of making the Assembly an accessible and effective parliamentary body that inspires the confidence of the people of Wales”.

Claire Clancy, Chief Executive and Clerk of the National Assembly for Wales said: “The Assembly is a young, vibrant and forward-looking organisation, and our Annual Report reflects our achievements over the past year. But our focus remains firmly on the future, and we intend to build on our success and engage with the citizens of Wales to encourage debate about our powers and how we use them.

“We look forward to the challenges ahead and the prospects they bring with them.”

In accordance with its commitment to sustainability, the National Assembly for Wales Annual Report will only be available online. Printed synopses will be available.

Audio podcasts (MP3 format) of the Annual Report will also be available to download online.

The National Assembly for Wales Annual Report

The Senedd in Numbers

Statistics for 9 May 2007 to 31 March 2008.

  • 60 Assembly Members

  • 244 formal committee and legislation meetings

  • 7 Legislative Competence Orders and 2 Assembly Measures introduced

  • 37, 738 requests for information through our information line

  • Our education programme reached 16,692 pupils

  • 61 full meetings of the Assembly

  • 500,000th visitor to the Senedd welcomed

  • 5,056 Oral Questions and Written Questions tabled

  • 81 delegations from outside Wales welcomed

  • 61 Petitions received

The Assembly Commission

In May 2007, the Assembly Commission was established, as a body corporate, under the Government of Wales Act 2006.  The Commission is responsible for ensuring that the Assembly is provided with the property, staff and services required for the Assembly’s purposes. It also sets strategic aims and objectives and considers performance, agrees standards and values, oversees change, encourages innovation and enterprise to enhance the National Assembly for Wales’ capacity to deliver and to take part in the process of risk and performance management. The five Commissioners are accountable to the National Assembly for the Commission’s functions.

They are:

  • Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas, Presiding Officer, Chair of the Assembly Commission

  • Lorraine Barrett (Labour)

  • Peter Black (Liberal Democrats)

  • William Graham (Conservatives)

  • Elin Jones (Plaid Cymru) – until July 2007

  • Chris Franks (Plaid Cymru) from September 2007