National Assembly to scrutinise justice for the first time in its history

Published 29/01/2020   |   Last Updated 30/01/2020

​The National Assembly for Wales is to look at justice matters for the first time. On behalf of the people of Wales, the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee will be scrutinising justice reform and is changing its name to reflect this.  

Today, the National Assembly voted to change the Committee's remit which will now be known as the Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee.  

The Committee's expanding remit is in response to recommendations from the Commission on Justice in Wales Report. The independent Commission on Justice was tasked with reviewing, for the first time in over 200 years, the operation of the justice system in Wales and to set a long-term vision for its future. It recommended a number of reforms, including a call for the Assembly to take a more proactive role in the scrutiny of the operation of the current justice system and any proposed reforms to it. The Commission also recommended the establishment of a Justice Committee. 

The Llywydd of the National Assembly,  Elin Jones AM said:  

"This is a significant development that reflects the Senedd's commitment to implementing the recommendations of the Commission on Justice in Wales Report. 

"The recommendations are clear that the Senedd should play a more proactive role in justice matters.  By expanding the Committee's remit, we are paving the way for that.  

"The revised remit of this high profile committee – now called the Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee - will be to scrutinise justice reform for the first time in the Assembly's history. 

"I look forward to seeing the fruits of this important work and following the committee's contribution to the public debate on the future of justice in Wales."