New LCO Committee elected

Published 05/12/2007   |   Last Updated 14/07/2014

New LCO Committee elected

The Assembly has today elected a Committee to look at proposed legislation on the charging for home care services in Wales. The Committee Members are: Peter Black, Dai Lloyd, Jonathan Morgan, Karen Sinclair and Joyce Watson.

The charging for home care and other non-residential social services is currently at the discretion of individual local authorities. This has resulted in significant variations in charging policies for similar services across Wales.

The proposed Legislation Competence Order - Charging for Non-Residential Social Care (Domiciliary Care) – would enable the Assembly to introduce laws, known as Measures, to regulate the setting of charges by council and remove disparity.  Legislative Competence Orders are a type of secondary legislation which transfer specific powers from Parliament to the Assembly.

The role of the Committee will be to consider and report on the proposed LCO. It will carry out public consultation and take evidence from key stakeholders.