Nomination of the First Minister

Published 13/05/2016   |   Last Updated 17/05/2016

​The Presiding Officer has informed Assembly Members that the next Plenary will be held 13.30 on 18 May.

Nomination of the First Minister

The First Minister of Wales is the leader of the Welsh Government and is appointed by Her Majesty the Queen following nomination by Assembly Members.

The Government of Wales Act 2006 prescribes that a First Minister must be nominated by the Assembly within 28 days of the date of the election i.e. by the end of 1 June 2016. The First Minister is nominated by the Assembly and the nomination is submitted by the Presiding Officer for Her Majesty's approval. If the Assembly doesn't nominate a First Minister within 28 days of the election, another Welsh general election must be held.

The incumbent First Minister continues to hold office until a new appointment has been made by Her Majesty.

The new First Minister, with the approval of Her Majesty, may appoint Welsh Ministers.

In the Plenary meeting held on 11 May two candidates were nominated which meant a roll call was called.

The roll call resulted in a tie. In the Presiding Officer's judgement a further roll call for First Minister would not have delivered a different result and so she adjourned the meeting.

In accordance with Standing Order 8.3 the first business at the next plenary will be a further roll call vote unless one of the candidates indicates that they want to withdraw their nomination, in which case the remaining candidate will be the Assembly's nomination.

Nomination result

Once there is a nominee for appointment as First Minister, the Presiding Officer may invite the nominee to make a speech immediately after his or her nomination.

The Presiding Officer will immediately recommend to Her Majesty that the Member nominated by the Assembly be appointed as First Minister.


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