“Nowhere left to go” - Senedd Committee urges rugby clubs to vote for WRU reform

Published 23/03/2023   |   Last Updated 23/03/2023   |   Reading Time minutes

Ahead of the WRU Extraordinary General Meeting this weekend, the Senedd Communications, Culture, Welsh Language, Sport and International Relations is urging rugby clubs to vote for reform and to modernise its governance arrangements.

A statement issued by the Committee reads:

“The ‘BBC Wales Investigates’ documentary about misogyny, homophobia and racism in the WRU was upsetting and difficult to watch. It is deplorable that the only way the individuals who were involved could be taken seriously by the WRU was by waiving their anonymity and raising their concerns publicly. We thank them for their bravery and we thank the journalists involved for shining a light on this.

“This weekend, the WRU will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting to consider proposals to modernise its governance arrangements and to address the gender imbalance in its structures. Similar proposals have been considered before but fell short of the 75% threshold of votes needed. This is a final opportunity for the WRU to modernise. If these proposals are rejected, it has nowhere left to go.

“It has been sad and damaging to see an organisation of such significance in Welsh public life brought so low. The WRU must now demonstrate to the people of Wales that it wants to be a modern and inclusive organisation. It must grasp the opportunity before the damage that has been done is irrecoverable.”