Standards of Conduct Committee tables motion to agree to appointment of acting Commissioner

Published 06/11/2018   |   Last Updated 06/11/2018

​Today, the Standards of Conduct Committee has tabled a motion for the National Assembly to agree to the appointment of Douglas Bain as acting Commissioner.

He will act on matters relating to a complaint made by Joyce Watson and subsequent complaints received on the same issue.

In line with the requirements of the legislation, the motion will set out the terms of appointment for Douglas Bain, including the rate of pay which is in line with that of the current Commissioner.

The Committee is confident that Douglas Bain has the necessary experience to fulfil this role, having previously undertaken the role of Commissioner for Standards in Northern Ireland.

The motion proposes that the National Assembly for Wales:

1. Notes that the National Assembly for Wales Commissioner for Standards is unable to act:

a)  in relation to a complaint from Joyce Watson AM dated 8 May; and

b)  in relation to any other complaint arising from the same subject matter.

2. Appoints, in relation to any complaint referred to in paragraph 1, Douglas Bain CBE TD as acting Commissioner, in accordance with Section 4(1) of the National Assembly for Wales Commissioner for Standards Measure 2009, on the following terms:

a)  the appointment takes effect on 7 November 2018.

b)  the appointment ends immediately when notice is given to the acting Commissioner by the Clerk of the Assembly.

c)  the acting Commissioner’s remuneration is to be a daily rate of £392 (or pro-rata for part of a day) for activities that relate directly to the role and responsibilities of the post plus reasonable expenses.

d)  all sums referred to in paragraph 2(c) are to be paid to the acting Commissioner by the Assembly Commission.