The National Assembly annual report reviews a year of achievements

Published 14/07/2011   |   Last Updated 14/07/2014

The National Assembly annual report reviews a year of achievements

14 July 2011

The National Assembly for Wales today published its fourth annual report that looks back at another significant year for the Welsh legislature.

It was a year that saw the ‘yes’ vote in the referendum on increased legislative powers for the Assembly, as well as a year when the Assembly focused its efforts on increasing public understanding of Assembly’s work.

This was done within a demanding financial context, where the Assembly delivered a prudent budget that reflected the constraints on public spending, as well as continuing its commitment to transparency in the use of public money.

The setting up of the independent Remuneration Board meant that, for the first time, Assembly Members are not directly involved in setting their own pay and expenses.

“Our aim has been to deliver increased efficiency across Assembly services while ensuring that the core business of the Assembly – representing the interests of the people of Wales, making laws and holding the Welsh Government to account – are supported efficiently,” said Chief Executive and Clerk of the Assembly Claire Clancy.

“The Assembly also continued its commitment to transparency, in the spending of public funds, by appointing an independent Remuneration Board to set Members’ pay and allowances.”

“The “yes” vote in March’s referendum was a demonstration of the faith that people in Wales have in the institution and we know that they have high expectations of the Assembly in the future now that we have further law-making powers,” Mrs Clancy added.

“I have every confidence that we will now rise to the challenges this presents.”

Indeed the Assembly has already, at the start of the Fourth Assembly, changed its formal procedures and Committee structure to ensure that its work can be more reflective of the needs of the people of Wales.

The National Assembly has also produced an interactive multi-media version of the annual report, which can be accessed on its website.

Annual report (PDF)