Today’s Plenary meeting to begin at 12:30

Published 09/12/2020   |   Last Updated 09/12/2020

​Schedule of Plenary Business 9 December 2020

Please see updated agenda for today's Plenary.

Note the early start time of 12:30 to allow the resumption of yesterday's (adjourned meeting) which includes the debate and vote on the LCM on the Internal Market Bill.  

Resumption of Tuesday's adjourned meeting at 12:30

  • LCM on the Internal Market Bill – (45 mins)
  • Motion to suspend Standing Orders
  • Procedural motion by the Trefnydd to postpone the Coronavirus debate to Wednesday's meeting
  • Equality and Human Rights Annual Review – postponed
  • Voting Time (LCM only)

Wednesday's Plenary meeting (estimated 13:30 start) 

  • Questions to Minister for Economy and Transport (45 mins)
  • Questions to CG (European Transition) (45 mins)
  • Topical Qs (20 mins)
  • 90SS (5 mins)
  • IMD Support for Babies and New Parents (60 mins)
  • Petitions Debate on RCT Flooding (30 mins)
  • Proposal to group the following two items for debate with separate votes (90 minutes total):
    • WG Coronavirus Debate (postponed from Tuesday 8/12)
    • Conservative Coronavirus Debate
  • Standards Committee Debate (15 mins)
  • Procedural motion to postpone the Short Debate to next Wednesday's Plenary (Andrew RT Davies)
  • Voting Time