Your questions about the National Mourning period answered

Published 12/09/2022   |   Last Updated 13/09/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

What is meant by a period of National Mourning and how long will it last?

Following the sad announcement of the death of Her Majesty The Queen, the UK is now in a period of National Mourning, lasting until Monday 19 September.

During this time business will be suspended in the Senedd, except for a recall for Members to pay tribute to The Queen on Sunday 11 September.

During the National Mourning period Their Majesties The King and The Queen Consort will visit Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This includes a visit to the Senedd to hear the Motion of Condolence on Friday 16 September. Read further information on this visit.

Flags across our estate are flying at half-mast and will continue to do so until the morning after the State Funeral. The only exception to this is during the reading of the Proclamation between 11am and 1pm on Saturday 10 September.

A State Funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey on Monday 19 September. A two-minute silence will be observed during the State Funeral.

Find out further information on the National Mourning period.

Read the Welsh Government’s National Mourning period guidance.


How will the period of National Mourning affect Senedd business?

All Senedd business is suspended during the National Mourning period, with the exception of a recall to debate a Motion of Condolence on Sunday 11 September, and for the Motion of Condolence to be read to The King on Friday 16 September.

During the debate of the Motion of Condolence, Members will have an opportunity to pay tribute to The Queen and will agree the wording of a Motion of Condolence.

The Motion of Condolence will be read by the First Minister in the Senedd when The King visits on Friday 16 September.  

The Senedd building will be closed to the public throughout the National Mourning period. All planned events, including educational visits and tours of the Senedd, will be postponed.

Senedd business and events will resume on Tuesday 20 September.


Does the Senedd have a Book of Condolence?

A Book of Condolence is available online.


Can I visit the Senedd during the period of National Mourning?

The Senedd will be closed to the public during the period of National Mourning.

All pre-arranged visits, events, tours and education sessions have been postponed and will be rescheduled. Please contact Venues@Senedd.Wales to rearrange your event booking, or Contact@Senedd.Wales to rearrange your tour, visit or education session.

It will re-open the morning following the State Funeral, on Tuesday 20 September.


Can I leave floral tributes at the Senedd?

We respectfully ask members of the public not to lay flowers or other memorial items,  such as candles, messages and mementoes, at the Senedd, Pierhead building or at our Colwyn Bay office.

In Cardiff, arrangements have been made for the public to leave flowers at the main entrance of Cardiff City Hall.


What will happen in Wales during the National Mourning period?

On Friday 16 September Their Majesties The King and The Queen Consort will visit Wales, including the Senedd. 

Full details of events taking place across Wales over the coming days are provided by the Welsh Government.


What happens when His Majesty The King visits the Senedd?  

On Friday 16 September The King will visit the Senedd to hear a reading of the Motion of Condolence.  

A Motion of Condolence will be read by the First Minister in the Senedd’s chamber, to which The King will respond. 


Can I come to watch The King visit the Senedd?  

The public are able to watch The King’s arrival and departure from the Senedd on Friday 16 September. The Senedd building will remain closed to the public.

Safety barriers will be placed around the Senedd for the event. There will be a large screen in front of the Senedd, where the public can watch The King’s arrival and the events taking place inside the Senedd.  

It’s important to note that a number of events will be taking place across Cardiff on this day. Crowds, queues and traffic are expected.

Further information on the full events taking place on the day can be found on the Welsh Government website.


Will The King’s visit to the Senedd be broadcast live?  

The King’s visit to the Senedd will be available to watch live at and through our partners at the BBC.


Will there be road closures around Cardiff Bay when The King visits? 

Information on road closures in Cardiff on Friday 16 September can be found on the Cardiff Council website.


Where can I park if I want to watch The King visit the Senedd? 

It’s important to note crowds are expected throughout Cardiff on Friday 16 September. If you are planning on travelling to Cardiff Bay, we advise you consider public transport, walking or cycling.  

Find information on getting to and parking at the Senedd.


Where can I find more information about events taking place across the UK over the mourning period?

Information on activities taking place across the UK can be found on the UK Government website.


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