Youth Service provision: Statement from the Chair of the Children, Young People and Education Committee

Published 25/04/2017   |   Last Updated 25/04/2017


Responding to the developments concerning youth service provision in Wales today, the Chair of the National Assembly's Children, Young People and Education Committee, Lynne Neagle AM, said:

"Today's announcement by the Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services is disappointing but also, sadly, not unexpected.
"In our own inquiry into youth services last year we called for a radical approach from the Welsh Government to address an alarming downward trend in the amount and diversity of youth services in Wales.

"Stakeholders from the statutory and voluntary sectors told us about a lack of strategic direction from the Welsh Government, that young people were not sufficiently involved in developing policies which directly affect them, and that there needs to be better collaboration between the statutory and voluntary sectors to make the most of scarce resource.

"Youth work provision is essential for young people. Making sure that all young people in Wales are able to access these services is crucial to support them to reach their full potential.

"The Welsh Government needs to introduce a national model for youth work if it is serious about delivering a service that is accessible to all young people in Wales.

"All of our recommendations were accepted by the Welsh Government and we have invited the minister back in to update us on progress made in protecting these vital services."